We were early adopters of ProReveal and have been using this technology since 2016 to monitor the effectiveness of our cleaning / disinfection processes. We are using ProReveal as an additional test, to give us further assurance our processes are working for protein removal. In addition to ProReveal we perform all validation tests as documented in WHTM 01-01.

The ProReveal is easy to use, as well as highly sensitive and gives clarity using visual displays to indicate any residue proteins present. We have been trending our results for over two years and have robust procedures in place should we see an increase over time on the protein residue amounts, to action any failed results. Currently our trend analysis shows consistent results below 1 microgram

Mark Campbell

Decontamination Service Manager, University Hospital Wales, Cardiff, Wales

We purchased a ProReveal in May 2017 because we needed a user-friendly in-situ protein detection method to comply with the new Department of Health regulations on testing reprocessed surgical instruments. Since using the ProReveal, we have identified areas for improvement in our processes and instruments that we can’t clean. This has helped us to get our decontamination process to routinely clean to less than 5 micrograms of residual protein per instrument side, which we’re very pleased with.

The ProReveal is great technology and is easy to use as it guides us step by step. In fact, we like it so much that we often show the ProReveal to visitors to our department. The best thing about having a ProReveal is that we don’t have to rely on subjective judgement calls if there are process issues because we have traceable, quantitative data to assure us that the surgical instruments we’re sending back to be used on patients are safe and fit for purpose.

Alison Gee

Sterile Services and Stores Manager, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

We installed the ProReveal in 2017 as we wanted a quantitative in situ method of measuring proteins to comply with new HTM-01-01 recommendations. We have been using the test for several months now and are seeing the protein on our surgical instruments has gone from an average of 2.5 µg per side of the instrument to 1.4 µg per side because the ProReveal helps us see where we can improve the decontamination process.

The benefits of using the ProReveal are that it has changed the way we test so we’re saving a huge amount of money quarterly by not outsourcing our testing and not buying swab kits. Additionally, we don’t have to wait 30 days for test results, we can have them instantly. We are very happy with our ProReveal, it is reliable, easy to use and is saving us money while helping us monitor and improve our processes.

Stephen King

Quality & Training Supervisor, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK