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The ProReveal Fluorescence Protein Detection Test has been developed in response to the need to find a more sensitive and accurate method of checking for residual proteins that can remain on surgical instruments after the washer disinfection process.

Why ProReveal ?

Commonly used tests include on-instrument swab tests or visual inspection. It has been found that neither of these can detect the lower levels of protein that can remain on an instrument after washing and which can be a major source of cross infection particularly with prions such as vCJD.

The added problem with any swab test is that only part of an instrument can be tested and the results remain very subjective as to whether the operator has performed the test correctly and interpreted the results accurately. Instruments that remain ‘dirty’ after washing can be a prime source of infection and can result in cancelled operations, closed theatres and of course worse still have a catastrophic effect on patient safety.

The Reusable Surgical Instrument Cycle

Reusable Surgical Instrument Cycle

Cost Effective ?

The ProReveal Protein Detection Test is cost-effective and delivers objective, visual and quantifiable results and removes any doubt as to whether the washing decontamination process has left instruments clean enough to meet residual protein level standards. The frequency of checking instruments is typically determined by either local or national guidelines.

This is important because the quality of any washer disinfection process is dependent on a number of variables; type of washing machine, the process, instrument position in the washing tray, water quality, detergent, to name just a few. Hence, an effective check process is required to ensure that surgical instruments have been cleaned to the required standard during the washing process.

ProReveal Tray, Paper and Spray

ProReveal and Spray

The Ideal Solution For An SSD ?

Recent research into possible methods for the checking of surgical instruments has shown that in-situ fluorescent testing methods can produce a very high level of confidence into the effectiveness of the washer disinfector process.

The ProReveal Protein Detection Test is a highly sensitive fluorescence-based patented test for checking the presence of residual protein on surgical instruments after going through any washer disinfector process.

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